Research Statement

Research Statement

This should be about 2 to 3 pages in length. Do not provide an exhaustive essay as it will not be read. The statement should consist of:

Opening Paragraph

State the broad problem domain of your research and emphasize why it is important. Tie the importance of this domain to the specific job description of the faculty position.

Main Body

The main body of the statement should be about 3 paragraphs long. Provide an initial paragraph that specifically states how your research is contributing to the problem domain you have identified in the opening paragraph. Try to emphasize how your research is moving the field forward. Follow with a paragraph that summarizes your research approach, the important contributions that you have made to date and those that you expect to make. Refer to papers that achieve these contributions. In the next paragraph state your ideas for future research directions. Identify why these directions have promise and, if you can, mention potential funding sources for these areas. If you have any experience with proposal writing mention it.


If you can identify faculty/ research groups at the institution you are applying to with whom you could collaborate, or facilities that you could make use of, highlight these facts in a closing paragraph. Your aim is to convince the search committee that you will both strengthen existing research at the institution and nucleate new exciting research directions.